I am not qualified

I can just see you looking to the bottom of the page to see where it shows  my qualifications.  I have none, at least not in this area.  I am not a Pastor, or a PhD, nor have I any experience in any form of ministry.  So there is no point in looking for that little box at the bottom that shows that information, it is not there.

I can only say that I got that “calling”, that quiet little voice that told me to do this after a rough point in my life. I first thought of a friend of mine, Holly,  who has had a tougher younger life, a greater understanding of how to cope and is also a writer.  Maybe God missed her and got me.  She would be much more qualified.

He reminded me that there is a book full of people who were not qualified to do what they did but they followed what they were told to do.  That book would, of course, be the Bible.  I am sure Noah did not know how to build an ark, and thought he may have lost his mind when he was told to do it….”what? am I hearing voices? This is crazy!” but he did it.  When David made the decision to go down into the valley and face Goliath, there had to be a split second when he thought, maybe there is someone else that is better qualified to be doing this, but he knew that no one was coming in his place.  Moses must have wondered when a burning bush was talking to him.  I could go on, there is a book full of examples, but for now I will leave it at that.  

Mine was not an ark, or a giant, or to divide the Red Sea, but to write.  Hmmmm, how bad could it be?  I would rather scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush than write, but if God says write, I will write.  At least it will be on a subject I am more than familiar with.  An explanation of that subject and why the blog is called what is, will come in the next entry.  I just wanted to save you, the reader, the time and effort of looking for my qualifications.

My qualifications are that I am a woman who has had a tough life, but a blessed one as well.  I graduated from the school of hard knocks, as salutatorian….my friend Holly, whom I mentioned earlier would be better qualified was valedictorian.  I love God and follow His directives whenever I can find them.  And I know that Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior.  That’s all I got.  (I actually do have a Bachelor’s degree and I was a high school Algebra teacher, was in the Navy for 4 years, and raised 5 kids, but none of that is what anyone would be looking for here).

I hope you enjoy the blog to come and understand where it is coming from.  Directly from my heart and  I am letting my fingers be controlled by a power much bigger than me.

Photo credit: Pastersponderings.org (not affiliated)

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